Our philosophy at Evolution Sports is to provide young people with a bespoke coaching service like no other. My main focus and aim as the director of Evolution Sports is to make sure my coaches are happy because I believe that if the coaches have a positive attitude it will then reflect onto the pupils. It is also important that my team are equipped with individual and unique Evolution Sports coaching plans for each school or sports club they’re working in. This is very important as I plan to run this company like an academy where everyone is taught the same way.

It is imperative when working for my company that you maintain high standards at all times. Whether it is making sure lessons are set up before the pupils arrive or more simply just being on time for lessons. As I said in my opening statement, your behaviour and attitude will reflect onto the pupils. I want each child to look forward to your sessions and take it as a chance to express themselves in something that they enjoy doing. Building relationships with the pupils so they feel comfortable to communicate with you as coaches is also a key factor.

Our main objective is to help young people develop and progress in any sport they may be interested in and improve their skills in that particular field. Our focus will be to concentrate on the technical side of the sport. We feel that if pupils learn the basic technical skills in any sport at such a young age then this will stand them in good stead for if they may choose to take the sport seriously in the future. We believe children are always evolving and exploring new things and fitness activities will be one of those. It is also key that we explain the nutritional importance to pupils, as this will educate them in healthy eating as well as keep their diets healthy.

The ultimate objective is to teach pupils at such a high standard that they will be ready to take the skill we teach them further whether it is to a professional sports club, Academy or just recreational use.

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