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Inspiring the Next Generation

Evolution Sports is a coaching company whose aim is to provide schools and sports clubs with skilled and qualified coaches whose aim is to obtain the best from every child. As a company we want to inspire children and teach them the importance of sport to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Our coaching techniques allow us to adjust and tailor lessons to suit the age and capability of our groups. At Evolution Sports we understand that everyone learns at varying speeds and that children respond to different teaching styles and we can adapt our lesson plans to cater for all. The vision when creating Evolution Sports was to give back to the community and we understand the importance of young enthusiastic qualified coaches that can teach children life skills throughout their journey with us. Evolution sports will endeavour to create opportunities for children that excel in their chosen sport. With parental permission we will look to arrange a trials at local professional sports clubs.

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Team building

At Evolution Sports we believe that football is a great way to improve a child’s team building skills. By working on basic sporting exercises, children work together and therefore achieve together which establishes the team ethic.


Sports are a great way to keep a child active both physically and mentally. With the increase in childhood obesity and diabetes we understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. During our coaching sessions we teach the children the importance of a healthy lifestyle along with basic information regarding warming and cooling down of the body. All sports are great in terms of general health and fitness and teaching children from an early age the importance of a healthy lifestyle is of paramount importance to us.


At Evolution Sports we understand that communication skills are essential. Our teachers will regularly set children tasks that involve them interacting with their teammates. This can be as simple as creating something together or sharing ideas. We have found that children will bond over a common denominator which in turn improves their communication skills. Everyone has a voice at Evolution Sports.


The ability to focus is a key skill developed through collaborative work. Keeping a balance between listening and contributing involves a great deal of concentration especially for younger children. We have found that by adopting a variety of subjects we can ensure that we have a something for everyone approach. Art typifies this ethos as it teaches children to multitask efficiently by thinking about what it is they are trying to replicate and then following this through.

“She particularly loved playing outside on the ball court, dancing and arts and crafts. As a parent, the timing of the camp is better than most others on offer (closely mirrors the school day) and it is a good price.”

Summer Camp parent

“She really enjoyed the camp this summer – particularly the craft sessions, she came home with all kinds of fabulous creations. So thanks to all!”

Summer Camp parent

“It was my daughter's first holiday camp. She had a great time there playing games and all the artwork that she did. She enjoyed with the kids and the staff too as she mentioned was friendly”.

Summer Camp parent

“My son was really nervous beforehand and upset that he’d be left out or unable to keep up but the camp teachers were really lovely and inclusive and he absolutely loved it. Admittedly, the art was his favourite activity; followed by “playing bulldog” but I think the teachers pitched it just right and made him feel comfortable”.

Summer Camp parent

“My three children attended the camp this year and they loved it. My son in particular, who is not particularly sporty, thoroughly enjoyed it and was really disappointed to miss the final day as he was poorly. He is 9 and it was the most interest he has ever shown in any sport so whatever you and your team were doing it worked! My two daughters loved it too although they did comment on the fact that there were not many girls there. What a shame! My daughters also loved any minute and I would highly recommend this camp for both girls and boys. Many thanks to you and your team for all your hard work”.

Summer Camp parent

“Stanley had a great time at the camp, in particular he loved playing football and learning new sports. We always have the challenge of finding activities over the summer that fit around work, so options for an extended day would be appreciated (although we have some flexibility). Otherwise it was a fantastic week.”

Summer Camp parent

Mick really enjoyed the camp I’m sure he would have been happy to go a second week.”

Summer Camp parent

Last year my son kelechi attended your summer camp. Since attending, he has been asking me every school holiday if camp is on! Everyday he was excited to attend and spoke about how much he enjoyed himself all the way home! Kelechi finds it hard to focus on anything other than football, he doesnt sit down without a football for more than 5 minutes, so it was a beautiful feeling when he came home with pieces of artwork!! Well done to all the staff who kept him interested in arts and crafts and still managed to fit in loads of football. Kelechi will definitely be returning next year! Keep up the fantastic work!

Summer camp parent

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