WORK TIME: 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday and Sunday - CLOSED
FIND US: Bridge House, London Road
Howbeck, Nantwich, Cheshire



  • Chess

    Chess is one of our newest subjects we teach at Evolution Sports. We have added chess to our curriculum because we feel children that play chess from an early age can improve their memory skills and think about things as a bigger picture than what may necessarily be in front of them. Therefore being able to see a long-term goal and what moves they must make to achieve it. Chess can also help improve concentration and academic performance of the child. As a whole we try to deliver subjects we believe can benefit pupils not just outside the classroom but inside it too.
  • Archery

    At Evolution Sports we have found that archery is very beneficial to children.  It helps build confidence, improves health, physique, sociability and focus.  Archery is different to many sports we deliver because it can be a solo as well as a team activity.  Archery obviously has a specific target that the children have to aim for – the bullseye, we feel that this can translate into the classroom and aid them with focusing on their classroom targets.
  • Yoga

    Yoga is the newest addition to the activities we provide.  Yoga is now seen as a key addition for most sports played at the highest level and we feel this is very important in helping children stay injury free, flexible and mentally fit all at the same time. At Evolution Sports we make sure that children learn about different parts of the body along with the importance of warming up and cooling down the body which forms part of all our activities.  We also teach the children the importance of Yoga both physically and mentally.
  • Cricket

    Cricket is another sport, like Dodgeball, we feel can channel negative energy in a positive way.  Cricket helps to improve a child’s hand eye co-ordination and allows them to multitask throughout the duration of the game. Cricket is a sport with complex rules but our coaches at Evolution Sports make sure children are taken through a step by step guide each lesson to gain a greater understanding of the sport but in a way that makes learning fun.

  • Dodgeball

    Not many sports coaching companies deliver Dodgeball but at Evolution Sports we do. We incorporated Dodgeball because it helps children release stress in a skilled and non-contact way. We find after teaching children Dodgeball for a number of weeks they learn how to channel any frustrations and use it in a positive way. Teachers have reported improvements in behaviour during school lessons which have been accredited to the inclusion of Dodgeball into the curriculum.
  • Athletics

    Athletics is one of our most diverse and enjoyable sports to take part in because of the variety of events that we can deliver. These events include 60m/100m Sprints, long jump and javelin along with more. Athletics events are very popular in schools and sports clubs as every session focuses on learning a different event.  At Evolution Sports we make sure children are taught the basics in each event before progressing further to more difficult skills and techniques.
  • Art & Crafts

    In our Arts & Crafts classes your child will be able to open up their imagination and create various pieces of arts & crafts.  We encourage this activity as we believe that it is important for children to be able to express themselves creatively.  We use an abundance of materials such as gel pens, glitter, stickers and paint and often take on board the children’s ideas of what they may like to create and adapt our materials accordingly.
  • Football

    Our football classes aim to provide schools and sports clubs with an academy like service.  We teach children from Reception to Year 6 the basic football skills and progress on to more tactical forms of play.  Session by session the children will develop their knowledge of football.  Our qualified coaches will ensure that their sessions are not only educational but fun for the children to participate in.  They will also ensure that everyone is included at all times.